Use Transactional Funding When a one-day loan is the way to get that deal of a lifetime closed.



No More Roadblock2

Using Transactional Funding helps you to AVOID the following:

  • Buyer’s lender not approving your assignment because you aren’t on the deed
  • Buyer or Seller walking away at closing when they see your assignment fee
  • Hard Money Lenders with high origination fees and 14% annual interest
  • States or Counties requiring wholesalers to be licensed
  • States or Counties that don't allow pass-through funding
  • Tightening attorney scrutiny due to new title Insurance & financing regulations
  • Closing Companies that won’t allow pass-through funding or say it’s illegal

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It works for residential and commercial properties - short sales, wholesalers, and flippers. Our methods go to the heart of getting cash into your bank account without the hassle and stress. End losing a big chunk of your profit in the closing arrangements. Our model is clockwork-reliable, straightforward & seamless. 



Why Us

We've been in your shoes countless times. Hundreds of properties - flipping, wholesaling, buying rental properties, seller finance and creative exit strategies. We've covered every corner of the marketplace since 2014. We know that trading in real estate sometimes depends on split-second decisions. Almost always, if a sure deal falls through, it's the process that lets you down.

We've literally had sellers and buyers walk out of a closing due to our assignment fee. That would have been a perfect time to have used Transactional Funding. That or the closing costs ate up so much of your profits it wasn't worth the trouble in the end. And these days, things are tightening up with attorneys and title companies calling for greater stringency.

We launched Wholesalers Transactional Funding to close the gaps - make life easy for you. We've built a model that protects transactional confidentiality and doesn't slam your bottom line. We believe we are leaders in this space because we're immersed in the industry. Our proposition delivers the quickest route to a fast close.

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