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As a wholesaler, you've encountered countless situations in the real estate market, and they've helped you to play smarter. However, if you want to keep up with the industry, you need to learn new strategies like the seller carryback method. The problem is that doing it the traditional way can cause other issues, and you'll end up feeling frustrated.

You need to work with a reliable transactional lender to overcome any problem. At Wholesalers Transactional Funding, we know how hard you've worked to be where you are. You don't deserve to lose deals because you don't have the necessary funds. We've helped dozens of real estate wholesalers close unmatched deals without complications; reach out to us to learn more!

Situations In Which A Carryback Strategy Is A Game-Changer

A seller carryback strategy refers to a financing option where the seller of a property agrees to loan the buyer a portion of the purchase price. It's typically at a lower interest rate than a traditional loan. It's an ideal way for investors or wholesalers to acquire properties without investment upfront.

However, with transactional funding, you don't have to rely on the seller. These are some situations in which this strategy will help you succeed:

  • You Don't Have The Money For A Down Payment: If you don't have the fund for this initial payment, we can cover that for you. You won't have to go through a traditional loan!
  • You Still Want Financing From a Lender: If you allow the seller to cover the down payment, your lender may not be comfortable with funding the rest of your deal. So, to avoid that, working with a third party like Wholesalers Transactional Funding can be a great option.
  • Negotiate Reasonable Interest Rates: With a seller carryback, you can usually negotiate more favorable terms. This means better interest rates and longer loan periods in some cases.

How To Get This Service

If you're interested in Wholesalers Transactional Funding and our transactional funding services, this is how you can get it:

1) Contact Us: The first step is to contact us and provide the details of your deal.

2) Let's Discuss Your Situation: After that, we'll review the details and discuss your situation. We'll request some paperwork but nothing out of the ordinary.

3) Close Your Deal Without Issues: We'll fund your deal after everything is set. And it's that easy! No minimum, 1% origination fee, and 100% funding!

Work With Wholesalers Transactional Funding & Experience A Smooth Process

If you want to apply the seller carryback strategy, you need to work with experts. Transactional funding for wholesalers can be a game-changer to avoid missteps. You'll close deals in time and get the best results. At Wholesalers Transactional Funding, we understand your needs.

We'll offer you a tailored solution based on your case to ensure that everything goes smoothly and that you get the funding you need at the right time. Level up your business and be fierce in the industry; contact us now!

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A typical case study

So let's look at the process step-by-step with an example:

  1. The wholesaler enters into a contract to buy a single-family home from the original seller (let's call him A) for $300,000 - Part 1 of the transaction.
  2. The end buyer (call her C) signs a contract to buy the wholesaler's property for $350,000 on the same day as Part 1 (i.e., Part 2 of the transaction).
  3. The wholesaler delivers a BC contract signed by C (the end buyer) to the transactional lender.
  4. On the day of settlement, the transactional lender lends the funds to the wholesaler to pay A.
  5. Immediately after completing Part 1 (of the two-part transaction), the wholesaler closes Part 2 and collects C's money.
  6. C's payment pays back the transactional lender’s fee. The balance goes to the wholesaler's bank account as the realized profit.
  7. It may look like a complicated procedure, yet it's quite simple. A closing entity (e.g., an attorney or title company) is generally the middle entity acting for the wholesaler in Part 1 and Part 2 of the entire deal. They deal directly with the lender, the original seller, and the end buyer - removing the wholesaler from the heavy lifting.
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