Wholesalers who are marketing for Real Estate deals in North Carolina, I’ve got an amazing closing attorney for you.  One of my favorite closing attorneys in Charlotte is Chandler & Gibson, PLLC.  They are located at 2901 Coltsgate Rd, STE 200, Charlotte, NC 28211.

Your Closing Attorney in North Carolina

I’ve been working with Charles and Mary on MANY transactions since 2021. They are my preferred closing attorney in the Charlotte area and I LOVE working with them and will continue sending any client who asks for a closing attorney over to them. I’ve always received my HUD’s in a timely manner, I’ve received my wires on time as expected and the communication on all of my closings are top notch.  As you know, these are some of the most important things to a wholesaler or real estate investor when dealing with a closing attorney.

Whether you have an investor as your end buyer or you’re working with a hedge fund, Chandler & Gibson along with Wholesalers Transactional Funding will get it CLOSED.  We commonly work with Tiber Capital and Amherst hedge funds.    This was also another reason we as your Transactional Lender realized the need for Transactional Funding.  Some of the hedge funds, now even in states where you could use pass through funding, won’t allow it anymore.  This has forced the wholesaler to bring their own funds to closing, and let’s face it, MOST wholesalers don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank ready to fund their own deal.

No funds in the bank, no problem, use transactional funding to close on the AB side of your double closing so you can capitalize on your spread vs losing the deal!  My fee is one of the lowest out there.  I charge 1% for any amount over $100,000 with a $1,000 minimum along with a $30 wire fee.  No other BS fees, no last second fees or changes, no credit check and no application.  All we need to get started is LITERALLY what you have already provided your closing company.

All we need is the following:

-AB Contract

-BC Contract

-Amendments if there are any

-Driver’s License

-Operating Agreement (if buying in LLC)
-EIN or SSN (Business or Personal name)
-Name of your main contact at the closing company and their email address


We’ll then immediately reach out to your closing attorney, and the rest is history.  You can sit back and wait for closing knowing that Wholesalers Transactional Funding funds will be there on time, every time.  Of course we know you’ll have to go through title search and little things happen.  If you run into any issues before closing with the seller, title etc, I can usually help resolve most issues.  I’ve been through enough double closings and also wholesaled myself to navigate through the majority of all issues or concerns that may come up.

Reach out to me at 404-609-0849 or email me at or my assistant Michelle Melavasi at