Eligibility and Criteria

Are you interested in learning all the requirements needed to get transactional funding with Wholesalers Transactional Funding? Then, you’re at the right place. Here, you’ll find all the information you need to leave any doubt behind. 

Keep reading to determine if you are eligible to benefit from our exceptional services. Feel free to explore the details and get the clarity you need to move forward confidently.



Who Needs Transactional Funding?

Transactional lenders offer a unique service that can make a significant difference in your real estate wholesaling business. But who exactly needs transactional funding?

You need transactional funding if you’re a real estate wholesaler seeking direct-to-seller or owner leads for off-market properties. This type of funding is perfect for wholesalers when they have a buyer ready to purchase but need funds to close the initial contract with the seller.


When Do You Need a Proof of Funds Letter?

A proof of funds letter is a must when you want to show potential sellers that you have the financial backing to follow through on your offer. This document is particularly crucial in competitive real estate markets where sellers may receive multiple offers.

Wholesalers Transactional Funding understands the significance of a proof of funds letter in the real estate wholesaling business. That’s why we provide this document to all our clients, ensuring they can confidently negotiate with potential sellers. 

Our proof of funds letter is a testament to the financial backing we offer, showing our commitment to supporting our clients from contract to closing. By providing this letter, we enhance the credibility of our clients in competitive real estate markets and accelerate the deal-making process.


Required Documents for Transactional Funding

To ensure a smooth process with your transactional funding, we require the following documents:

  1. AB Contract.
  2. BC Contract.
  3. Operating Agreement (if buying in LLC).
  4. Copy of Driver’s License.
  5. EIN for LLC (if buying in LLC) or SSN if you’re buying in your personal name.
  6. Any Amendments to the contracts.
  7. Closing company’s contact information (Name of closing company, main contact name, phone number, and email address).

These documents help transactional lenders verify your identity, understand your business structure, and ensure all contractual agreements are in order.

Get Started Today!

At Wholesalers Transactional Funding, we assist real estate wholesalers in avoiding high fees, long waiting periods, and scams associated with other types of funding. We are committed to making the process as simple as possible. 

If you have any questions or need further clarification on our eligibility criteria, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. We’re here to help!