How To Get A Proof Of Funds Letter For A Smooth Transaction

Suppose you are a wholesaler looking to get a property under contract and once you are almost ready to close the seller asks for a proof of funds letter. What do you do? 

First things first, what exactly is a proof of funds letter? Proof of funds letter is a valuable document that demonstrates an individual or organization’s financial strength. 

Are you a wholesaler that has been recently asked for a proof of funds letter before closing a deal? You are not alone. Some sellers may require this letter as a formality, but not having one may cause the seller to accept another wholesaler’s offer over yours. In this blog, we will discuss 3 reasons sellers might want to see a proof of funds letter to close the deal. Let’s get started. 

3 Reasons Sellers Might Ask For a Proof Of Funds Letter

It is important for sellers to keep a record of their transactions. Proof of funds letters are very important because they make sure that the buyer is telling the truth. They also make sure that everyone involved in the transaction follows the rules if any problems come up later. Let´s look at some other reasons why sellers might want a proof of funds letter. 

Make Sure Buyers Are Serious 

Proof of funds letter guarantees that the buyer is serious about the transaction and gives the seller ease for a smooth process. 

Helps with Negotiation 

If you provide a proof of funds letter, the seller might be more inclined to negotiate a price. The seller might want a larger down payment if you don’t offer it. 

Show Reliability 

Sometimes sellers might want security in knowing the buyer has sufficient funds to cover the house’s price. Some sellers might hesitate if the buyer doesn’t have much property purchase experience. 

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