It’s a HOT market out there right now wholesalers

It’s a HOTT market out there right now wholesalers! Thanks to you and of course our amazing customer service, we celebrated 23 double closings in May 2022!!

I don’t just provide funds for your Double Closings, I provide far more value when you’re in a pinch. If you’re facing a tough deal, something with your seller or buyer, run it by me. I’ve had enough experience from my wholesale company and I also mentor wholesalers so I’m more than happy to share some ideas to help you keep your deal alive!! We just helped 2 wholesalers a few days ago keep their deals alive making them nearly $20,000. Don’t let something slip away.

I also will provide you with a free Proof Of Funds (POF) letter if you need it for your sellers.

I will work nationwide, but some of our top markets right now are North Carolina (NC), Georgia (GA), Florida (FL) and Texas (TX).

I can now also make a connection for you if you need Wholetail Loans, which are less than 90 day loans to get your wholesale deal purchased, relisted and sold for a larger spread vs selling to another investor sometimes.

Jesse LeBlanc