How to get started as a Real Estate Wholesaler

Wholesalers. I get questions like this all the time. Hey, if you were to start over, what would you do to find the best buyers? How would you find those best buyers? I’m Jesse Leblanc with Wholesalers Transactional Funding. I offer lending for any wholesaler nationwide on your double closing. So please reach out at any point in time that you’ve got a double closing and you need transactional lending.

3 Steps To Become A Real Estate Wholesaler

Step 1: Find Legit Buyers

Find legit buyers. One of the things that I would do is I would go into prop stream or county records, and I would look up specific LLCs. I would just do a search for that county or that zip code or that area that I know that I’m gonna be marketing in, whether it be a personal name or an LLC who has the most properties with that name on their deed. And then I would skip trace each of those because guess what? I know that they’re buying in my target area. I could probably already research those specific properties and already kind of know what they’re looking for, what type of properties that they’re looking for.

Step 2: Build Great Relationships

I would skip trace those folks all ’em up and say, Hey, I just saw that you bought 123 Main Street. I’m looking to find more deals specifically for active and great buyers, and I see that you’ve been buying a lot. Are you still looking at buying more properties just like these that I just, you know, listed out those specific property addresses?

Are you looking for more like that in this area and then just shut up? You’re gonna immediately build a great relationship with somebody because that investor, guess what? If they’ve been buying deals left and right and you see that they’ve bought that many, then. Definitely going to be working with you because they need you as the wholesaler.

They need folks bringing them deals. Most investors are not out there trying to become a wholesaler and trying to source their own deals. They’re relying on us as the wholesaler. So that’s one of the very. First things and easiest things that I would specifically do. 

Step 3: Drive Around

Then I would just go driving around… driving for dollars!

I would drive around. I would look for properties that are either in the middle of rehab or had just finished rehab, and then I would skip trace those folks again. 

 Guess what? It’s in your target area, it’s in your market area. It’s clearly in their target market area. And then I would just go ahead and let them know, 

“Hey, I saw this property.I see you working on it, or I saw you had just finished it and you’re listing. Are you looking for more properties just like this in the area? If so, let them give you their additional criteria” Now you found a legit buyer in your area.

You are now building a solid relationship, super quick and easy. It’s much better than just trying to blast your information out there on places like Facebook and social media, because you’re gonna get other wholesalers, you’re gonna get the people who are just flipping one deal a year. You actually wanna find active, solid, solid buyers. And those are two of my top ways that if I was starting over and new, how I would go out there and find new buyers for me, but legit active, solid buyers in that target area.

So again, I hope this really helps you out. Guys, again, I’m Jesse with Wholesalers Transactional Funding. Let me know if I can ever fund any of your double closings.