If you're a real estate wholesaler, closing deals quickly and efficiently is a top priority. Nevertheless, securing the necessary funds on time can be complicated. This can make you feel uncertain, hindering your ability to operate effectively in the fast-paced world of real estate wholesaling. No wholesaler should experience this situation.


At Wholesalers Transactional Funding, we understand your challenges and are committed to providing quick, reliable solutions. We've helped hundreds of wholesalers nationwide, ensuring they have the financial support to close deals swiftly and successfully. Contact us now to help you smoothly close a deal in California!

Issues You Can Easily Avoid By Getting Transactional Funding

As a real estate wholesaler in California, you need to be sure that your funding won't constrain you from closing deals. Wholesalers Transactional Funding is the go-to resource for all real estate wholesalers in California. By leveraging our expertise and knowledge, we can help you avoid issues such as the following:


  • The buyer's lender won't approve your assignment as you're not on the deed.
  • Buyers or sellers may walk away at closing if they see your assignment fee
  • Hard Money Lenders charge high origination fees and have a 14% annual interest rate.
  • States or counties that mandate wholesaler licensing.
  • States or counties that prohibit pass-through funding.


How We've Helped Wholesalers In California

At Wholesalers Transactional Funding, we understand your challenges. We've helped hundreds of wholesalers nationwide, providing reliable transactional funding in California. With our support, real estate wholesalers have closed seven remarkable deals totaling $5,074,000.

This proves that your aspirations can become a reality with the right financial partner! If you're interested in working with us in California, this is what you have to do:


  1. Contact us
  2. Let's discuss your needs
  3. Get your same-day loan without complications!


Wholesalers Transactional Funding Is Here To Make Your Transactions Easier

Avoid stressing over insufficient funds as a real estate wholesaler. With transactional funding in California, you can dodge this awful situation. Instead, ensure successful and smooth transactions by working with Wholesalers Transactional Funding. 

Contact us today to learn more about our transactional funding solutions. Take your business to the next level!


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