Great Ways To Start Filling the Pipeline

Get Sellers To Answer The Phone

So guys, if you leave voicemails and you’re wondering, what should I say? Well, I’ve got a good one for you. I’m Jesse Leblanc with Wholesalers Transactional Funding. I offer lending nationwide to wholesalers on their double closing.


A very simple voicemail. It could literally be this simple, “Hey John, This is Jesse. Call me back.”

That’s it. The second you start getting into, “Hey John, this is Jesse with EXIGO Buys Houses, and I’m really wondering if you are…..” They’re already gonna hang up on you, right?


The whole point is to try to get them to pick up the phone or to be able to call you back and get on the phone and talk with them. Start building that report, and confirm that they actually really legitimately have a need for selling property, and then go ahead and move forward. Then set up your meetings, et cetera.


So many people will just leave really lengthy voicemails. They’ll talk about their company. They’ll start assuming that the seller has specific problems and they’ll start talking about those problems over the phone. No guys, keep it super simple, right? Keep it simple, stupid. That’s what they say. KISS principle.


Just go ahead and leave a very basic voicemail. Don’t need to go in depth. The whole point is you want them to call back. So just let them know who you are and to call you back. You can address them by their name. That’s always really helpful, assuming that you do have the correct phone number. That way they already know that, hey, you have the correct phone, and then now you’ve already told them who you are.


And they might be like, “Well, who is this? I don’t recognize Jesse.”  But you know, guess what? Curiosity killed the cat. They’re gonna go ahead and at least send you a text, give you a call. It’s not gonna work for everybody, but you generally will get a better response from just a very simple voicemail, so hopefully that really helps you guys out.


Again, I’m Jesse with Wholesalers Transactional Funding.