Wholesaling is a strategy that involves purchasing a property from the seller and then quickly reselling it to an end buyer for a higher price. However, it’s not just that. This kind of business involves a lot of planning and effort. It includes finding a seller, negotiating with them for the best deal, then finding an end buyer willing to pay a higher price for the property.

If you’re interested in learning more about wholesaling, keep reading. Here, we’ll go over the definition and how it works.


What Is Wholesaling?

Wholesale is a strategy in which a wholesaler buys properties to resell at a higher price, usually within a short period. In most cases, the wholesaler puts down a small earnest money deposit to secure the property from the seller. The purchase contract will specify how much the wholesaler plans to buy the property for and how long they have to do it.

After the wholesale contract is finalized, the wholesaler tries to locate funding for purchasing the property and an end-buyer willing to buy it at a higher price. The price difference is called the wholesale fee, which is commonly $5,000-$20,000 but we’ve seen them over $100,000.. This profit goes straight into the pockets of the wholesaler.


How Wholesaling Works

Wholesaling takes time; you must research the property and find a motivated seller and buyer. Here are the steps for wholesaling:

1) Conduct Research

2) Locate A Distressed Property

3) Do The Numbers & Required Diligence

4) Contact The Seller

5) Sign a Purchase and Sale Agreement with the Seller

6)Sign a separate purchase and sale agreement with the End Buyer 

7)Find A Transactional Funding Company

 8) Send all contracts to the closing company to start title search and schedule closing date


Following these steps makes it possible to make good money in wholesaling, even without a lot of capital. It’s important to note that not all states allow wholesale deals. So, before pursuing a career as a wholesaler, check the rules and regulations in your area.


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